ID Image Name Color Description Price
TEN stainless "Gift from the Heavens," meaning the god of creation and the god who rules all things - [Ultra Alloy Anti-Rust Hook] New Material Development! By applying a unique processing technology to special steel materials of metallic nanocomposite (the hardness can be increased by quenching stainless steel SUS420), we achieve high-quality corrosion resistance, anti-rust properties, high strength, and high durability. This is a powerful, pounding-type hook suitable for game fishing targeting large fish. With a sharp hook point and carefully designed shank for optimal penetration and lightweight construction, it ensures excellent penetration power. TEN TEN, the highest quality and strongest jigging hook is now complete! 700 ~ 750 (JPY)
VS jigginghook zinc plating VS, "V-forge tech Sike fishing hook", not just a product, but also hunting desires in fisherman's mind. V-forged hook increased structural strength of 13%, designed to be unstoppable. Every details of VS hook are filled with expectations for the unknown and desires for the power, just like <The Old Man and the Sea>, Face to tough, stay until the last moment in all alone, never give up to achieve. Adopting SIKE's unique V-forge tech, the V-shaped shank increases strength by 13%, achieving a high-strength, high-penetration product. The knot area features embossed processing, enhancing visibility during tying and simultaneously increasing tightening force to prevent slippage. The overall design is inspired by the shape of a sickle, matching the perfect hook shape in terms of penetration angle and mechanical analysis. 500 (JPY)