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Below is a FAQ of frequently asked questions regarding seasonal products and services.
If you have any other questions, please contact us using the inquiry form or email.

  • About hook color and rust
  • Season hooks are actively incorporating not only the techniques used for existing hook coatings, but also the plating techniques for the automobile industry and electronic components. The environment in which each coding is good is as follows.

    Fresh water
    ・Black nickel
    ・Fluorine coding
    ・Color needle brown, red, etc.

    ・Tin, glossy tin
    ・Gun black
  • Needle characteristics (bend or break?)
  • Even with the same needle, the best performance at the time of design will change depending on the hooking depth and angle.
    Based on our accumulated production data pace, we design considering the bending force and the limit of bending, but when a load more than durability is applied, either the phenomenon of bending or bending occurs physically. In addition, due to the evolution of the line, the number of scenes where the tension is extremely stressed is increasing. Please enjoy fishing, taking into consideration the best balance of lines and tackles used.
  • About direct purchase of products
  • When purchasing directly from us, please use our official online shop.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please order the products that we do not handle as customer orders from the nearest retail store that handles our products.
  • About bulk purchase of lure makers and parts (Corporate only)
  • Season hook supports lure makers. Taking advantage of our accumulated achievements, we can make the best proposals and ship to production bases in Japan and overseas. For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form or email.
  • About dealing with defective products
  • We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the defect of our product.
    In the unlikely event that a defect occurs in the product, we will replace it with a replacement or repair it, so please bring it directly to the retail store where you purchased it, or read the following example and contact the customer service center. Please contact us.
    After confirming the actual item, we will return the replacement with a little gift.

    Main cases
    ・Defective hooks, jig heads, gimmicks, parts, and small items
    → Please put only the defective hook in the package, put it in a cardboard, put it in an envelope, and mail it.

    ・Bad lure and jig
    → Please put the defective item in the package and mail the small and lightweight item.

    In case of other cases, please contact the customer service center once from the following inquiries.

    ※Please note
    ・We will not be able to respond if you send it without prior notice.
    ・If there is no package, we cannot support it.
    ・If we determine that the product you sent is not defective, we may return the product to you as it is. (Customer shipping cost)
    ・If you send it by courier other than general courier, you may be required to pay the difference shipping fee.
    ・For products that are out of stock, shipping may be delayed or another product may be used as a substitute.

    ・In addition, we may not be able to meet your request.

    An example of something that cannot be accepted as a defect
    ・When the product is modified or secondary processed (feather winding, lead molding, paint pickling, etc.)
    ・When used for purposes other than fishing
    ・Items that have been damaged after purchase
    ・Problems due to storage (deterioration due to storage under high temperature and high humidity)
    ・If used

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