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About us

What is the SEASON?

A manufacturer that develops and manufactures products mainly for hooks.
We also support production and parts supply for domestic lure brands by our own factory.

SEASON's advantage

All products are produced by our own route. Therefore, we are confident in supply stability and quality stability. Achieves unique high quality with quality commitment and processing technology that does not go out of the gate.

SEASON's vision

Enjoy season, enjoy life!
Taking advantage of the accumulated experience of staff in each field, we are taking on the challenge of manufacturing. We support everyone who enjoys fishing, making products that suit the season, making products that are required, without being bound by the common sense of the past.

SEASON's factory

Lure production manager x 2
Hook development x 2
IT system engineer x 2
Material buyer x 1
Manufacturing craftsman x 26

Company info

Name F-Resource Co.,Ltd
Representative 林仕偉
Date of establishment 2019-04
Location 〒254-0807
#302 Dental House'80, 16-1, Daikancho, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone 0463-79-8887
FAX 0463-79-8156